About Acne

 How Stress Affects Your Skin?

Most of us have experienced an acne flare up when stress in on the rise. Why is it that breakouts develop when you're under pressure? In one word: STRESS! Research has shown that stress and breakouts are directly linked. When the brain recognizes stress, it involuntarily releases stress hormones (cortisol) that help thicken the hair follicle's lining, causing blackheads/whiteheads. In this article you'll find simple mind and body strategies for a clear, stress-free complexion. Click to Read More

 How To Get Rid Of Pregnancy Acne

Skincare guru Sonya Dakar, whose celeb clients include Gwyneth Paltrow, Sofia Vergara and Kyra Sedgwick, shares some mommy-to-be skin saving tips. Learn how to get rid of pregnancy acne, decrease pregnancy puffiness, and how to get glowing skin. Click to Read More

 5 Most Important Diet Tips for Clear Skin

New research proves that following a few food rules can give you a clear complexion. Certain dietary factors have been linked to acne and other skin inflammations such as dermatitis, eczema, and psoriasis. Click to Read More