Apple Stem Cell Facial

Sonya Dakar is always seeking the newest, most effective and most natural way to treat skin. The Sonya Dakar Skin Clinic is the first to offer an exclusive couture anti aging treatment facial, the Apple Stem Cell anti-aging facial.

What’s the newest anti aging facial?

It has to do with a little known Swiss apple. This treatment restores youth by regenerating your skin's cells using stem cells extracted from a rare endangered Swiss apple that was widely studied for its remarkable self-preservation qualities. Simply said, the type or "genus" of this apple stayed fresh for months! The intense self-regenerating properties stored in the apple's stem cells and were extracted and are the basis for this cutting edge treatment. In over 35 years of experience in treating skin, Sonya Dakar believes this is the best ant aging treatment she has yet to offer her clients.

This 90-minute treatment includes:

  • An Apple Stem Cell Peel using Lactic Acid (milk derived) Phytic Acid (legume derived) and resveratrol (grape derived super anti-oxidant)
  • Apple Stem Cells to exfoliate while injecting skin with potent apple stem cells.
  • Apple Stem Cell Mask which is able to penetrate with the help of LED Red Light.
  • NutraSphere Stem Cell Transformer, Sonya Dakar’s new luxe treatment cream with apple stem cells and nano-time release technology.