• 5 Smoothies To Try In 2016 For Gorgeous Glowing Skin! January 27, 2016

    smoothingSip your way to a clear and glowing complexion with these 5 easy smoothie recipes that taste as good as they are going to make you look! I am a firm believer that what you put in your body is reflected in your skin. Some of my favorite natural “superfoods” are elevated to new heights when combined with the Sonya Dakar Ultima Power protein powder. These smoothies are a complete source of non-GMO vegetarian protein as well as a full supply of essential super fruits and vegetables, chock full of nutrients and free of artificial colors, flavors and preservatives. And, best of all, they taste delicious! Your body and skin will start feeling and looking amazing in no time!

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  • 5 Tips to Clear Pregnancy Acne December 12, 2015

    Skincare guru Sonya Dakar, whose celeb clients include Gwyneth Paltrow, Sofia Vergara and Kyra Sedgwick, shares some mommy-to-be skin saving tips.

    With hormones raging your skin sometimes can look like a war zone. “I see so many women who usually have flawless skin suffer from hormonal breakouts on their face, chest, and back” says, Dakar. But, with just a few small changes to your beauty routine, you can get the glow going and join the ranks of some the world's most beautiful pregnant divas!

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  • 5 Most Important Diet Tips for Clear Skin December 12, 2015

    New research proves that following a few food rules can give you a clear complexion. Certain dietary factors have been linked to acne and other skin inflammations such as dermatitis, eczema, and psoriasis.* In addition to choosing the right facial products, a deeper look at what may be causing a digestive system imbalance is an important step in clearing your complexion. Time and time again we at the Sonya Dakar Skin Clinic observe that skin conditions are a reflection of the overall health of internal biological systems.

    To improve digestion and the clarity of your skin, here are 5 must-do items that have repeatedly proved effective with our clients, with many seeing visible improvements just 2 weeks!

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  • 5 Reasons Women Under 25 Should Be Getting Facials December 12, 2015

    While in our 20s, we tend to think we’re invincible and that aging is a concern for, well, old people. Ironically, this is the age that has the most bearing on a woman’s complexion as she goes through life.

    This is precisely why women in their 20s must develop a good skincare routine, which includes regular facials, in order to keep their skin looking young and glowing.

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  • 5 Proven Tips to Prevent Breakouts from Stress! December 12, 2015

    Most of us have experienced an acne flare up when stress in on the rise. Why is it that breakouts develop when you're under pressure? In one word: STRESS! Below you'll find simple mind and body strategies for a clear, stress-free complexion.

    Research supports the adverse impact of stress on the immune system. The skin, being the body’s largest organ, is intricately connected to the rest of our physiology, including the mind. The body responds to stress by directing blood flow and oxygen to areas vital for fighting the stress, and withdraws from other areas, including the skin. The skin subsequently becomes starved of blood and oxygen, making it dehydrated, dull, lifeless, and prone to clogged pores and breakouts.

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  • Celebrity Skincare Guru Doesn’t Mess Around: 7 skin-perfecting beauty tips December 12, 2015

    Sonya Dakar recently spoke with Yahoo Beauty to about her famous Beauty Bootcamp program and how ANYONE can get that red carpet glow. Here are edited excerpts from that interview.

    Sonya Dakar, the woman credited with giving the mega-watt glow to countless A-list celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence and Gwyneth Paltrow, offers her seven skin-perfecting beauty tips. Sonya advises anyone following these tips: “there’s no way on the planet you are not going to look years younger, sexier, healthier, and more beautiful.”

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