Blue Light Treatment


Sonya Dakar uses the same acne treatments performed at her Los Angeles clinic and spa as she does with Hollywood celebrities. Individuals of all ages turn to Sonya Dakar for successful treatment of acne and acne scarring because she has acne treatments for every step of the healing process.

Blue light skin care therapy is designed to treat acne. When blue light is administered to treat acne, it actually attacks a substance called PP-9 which thereby produces singlet oxygen.

Singlet oxygen is toxic for acne producing bacteria. Blue light therapy kills acne causing bacteria, immediately producing drastic improvement in the client’s acne. There is no down time and the results are incredible.

Blue Light Benefits

  • Normalizes Sebum Production
  • Kills Acne Bacteria
  • Pain Free
  • No Downtime

Blue Light Treatment Video (click to see more)

Great clip from celebrity Chinese show.
First 30 seconds are in Chinese, the rest in English.


A Gentle Acne Treatment

Because Sonya Dakar is most interested in helping you achieve overall health and body harmony, she tirelessly works to be able to provide non-invasive, effective solutions for a variety of skin conditions. She found a way to help individuals improve their skin without harsh peels and weeks of down time.  Those who receive blue light skin care therapy in Los Angeles are ready to go about their day immediately after their acne treatment.

Over the last few years, blue light therapy has gained popularity and is offered at many Los Angeles spas.  However, the amazingly high-tech treatment offered at Dakar's Beverly Hills clinic involves much more than administering LED light.  Apart from using the most effective machines in terms of wavelengths, it is the unique combination of acne treatments that maximize the benefits you receive via the blue LED light treatment.

Book a blue light treatment to have during your next spa day or mani/pedi.  You can be confident that there is no down time from this treatment. Do something good for your skin today.

Q: What is blue light skin therapy and how does it work?

A: Blue light therapy was developed based on research by NASA. Their research discovered that the skin responded to certain frequencies of light and that it was safe to use for addressing certain skin problems.

Q: Does nutrition play a part in controlling acne?

A: Yes. Our skin is the largest organ in our body, and as such, it too has specific nutritional requirements. While the Blue Light skin care therapy treatments will help address visible skin care issues, taking the proper Multivitamins and Supplements will help achieve total health and beauty from the inside out.

Men and women have very different needs when it comes to nutritional supplements. A multivitamin for women will provide nutritional support for maximum energy, good fats to protect their skin, and calcium for their bones. Vitamin supplements for men will deliver a different set of nutrients to stay healthy, strong, prevent breakouts and enhance vitality.