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Sonya Dakar Liquid Gold Facial & Total Lift on GMA (Good Morning America)

Sonya’s Bio

sonya-dakar.jpg Sonya Dakar is a celebrated and world-renowned skin care expert. The creator and founder of the Sonya Dakar Skin Clinic located in Beverly Hills and collection of Sonya Dakar Skin Care award-winning products. Sonya's dream is to give everyone the opportunity to have click to read more

Ask Sonya - In 20 words or less

Q: Dear Sonya, What can I do to keep my hair healthy over the summer?

A: Simple solution: Apply SPF sunscreen lotion (NOT the spray) to your hair. The SPF will protect from the damaging sun and moisturizing agents act as a buffer from chlorine and salt. It also rinses clean when you wash your hair. Have fun!

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Sonya’s Five Faves

The five things I'm excited about right now...
  • New Coldplay Album- No filler here. Each song is beautiful and inspiring.
  • Oil on canvas- Love the creative rush from putting brush to canvas.
  • Juicing- Most of the ingredients are harvested from my garden.
  • Hiking- Santa Monica Mountains are filled with amazing trails.
  • Jacob Hashimota’s Gas Giant installation, at MOCA. Incredible!

Sonya's Causes

We recently held our 4th annual Spa Day event for Wish Upon A Teen, those girls are so brave. Thank you Chord Overstreet and all who participated!click to read more


When celebrities want to look their best, they put their faith in one woman, Sonya Dakar.
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