Nutrition For Healthy Skin

 Probiotics-Benefits and Facts

What are Probiotics and Prebiotics? What are the benefits of taking a probiotics and what forms do they come in? The topic of probiotics carries with it many questions. This article will answer all of these questions and help you understand just how beneficial probiotics are for your health and skin. Click to Read More

 Healthy Fall Eating Habits

As the autumn leaves fall to the ground and the temperature continues to drop in many areas of the country, people become increasingly challenged to maintain a healthy diet. You do not have to be doomed for a dreadful diet this season! Fall is a great time for change. Follow these fall/winter nutrition tips to help increase your energy, prevent weight gain, and enhance your immunity and mood. Click to Read More

 Winter Sun Damage

With the autumn leaves piling up, the coats being dug out from the back of the closet and the festive air on the horizon, we are likely to forget about sunscreen and sun damage. And wrinkles. And sun spots. And skin cancer. In this week's article we discuss the signs of early stage sun damage, facts about sunscreens and tips on how to protect your skin from sun damage this winter. Click to Read More

 How To Achieve Your Personal Best

While we’ll all soon be cheering for Team USA to bring the gold and break world records, we at Sonya Dakar Skin Clinic would like to encourage YOU to ride the wave of excitement and achieve your personal best. For the next 4 weeks, we will be offering simple and doable tips that will have you feeling and looking your best by the time of the closing ceremony (August 12.) Click to Read More

 Your Personal Best-Facial Fitness Skin Care Tips

Have you heard of the woman who lost 10 pounds by doing nothing? Neither did we. The simple reality is that being and staying fit takes some effort. Sonya Dakar applies the same approach to skincare. Whether you want to prevent wrinkles, get rid of the dark spots or banish acne, a little bit of effort and a few smart tips will go a long way to having your skin look its personal best! Below are 5 skin care tips from Sonya Dakar that will help keep your skin clear and your complexion fresh.Click to Read More

 5 Skincare Ingredients to Avoid for Better Health

Skincare products can work wonders since many ingredients penetrate the skin and improve its quality. Unfortunately, the same process holds true for undesired ingredients. While we want to keep the good stuff in, we need to keep the bad stuff out. Below is a list of 5 common ingredients in skincare products that may be doing more damage than good. Click to Read More

 Fitness Tips by Kit Rich

This fourth and final installment of the Personal Best series features fitness tips from well known LA based fitness expert Kit Rich, recently named Best Pilates Instructor. Click to Read More

 5 Worst Skin Care Habits

Get glowing skin by avoiding the 5 worst skin care habits we are all guilty of! Good skin care and healthy lifestyle choices can help delay the natural aging process and even prevent various skin problems. Click to Read More