Custom Acid Peel


Sonya Dakar has developed her own custom acid peel, the strength of which may be customized depending on the severity of the client’s skin problems.

Made from lactic acid, green tea and wheat grass, this custom blend is a delicate, yet effective peel that leaves skin brighter and renews a youthful glow.

The Custom Acid Peel can eradicate past sun and acne damage, as well as stop the clock on future problems, yet is gentle enough to prevent any skin-damaging side effects.

Sonya considers Lactic Acid to be the perfect acid due to its gentle, yet effective results. Green tea is rich in vitamins A, C, and E, making it an excellent anti-oxidant.

Finally, Wheat grass extract is added to the peel; it is known for its high concentration of chlorophyll and zinc for healing the skin and preventing any skin-damaging side effects. This is an extremely light peel with little to no down time.

Be sure to protect your face with a sunscreen SPF 30 the week following your procedure.