Facial Fitness Treatment

facial fitness treatment

Clinical Facial Fitness Treatment® with custom Acid Peel

This Treatment helps to refine the skin’s condition by diminishing acne, smoothing texture of the skin as well as helping to even out discoloration.

It starts with a thorough cleansing, a protein mask infused with essential oils and Blue Azulene extract to strengthen skin cells and improve elasticity, followed by a light steam to soften the pores. The skin is then lightly exfoliated with a pumpkin enzyme peel and thorough amounts of extraction are then performed on the skin.

The skin is then brushed with a custom acid peel suitable to the skin type. To soothe the skin a mask is applied and left on the skin for a period of time. The treatment is concluded with an organic hydrating serum, Omega Booster, as well as a UVB/UVA face sunscreen, Daily Face Shield.

Other Sonya Dakar products may be used depending on the client’s kin type. This treatment can also be performed on the back, chest, and arms.