Hangover Facial

hangover facial sonya dakar

Just in time for the holiday party circuit, skincare guru Sonya Dakar introduces a multi-targeted, customized skincare rehab that works to erase any signs of abuse that can be reflected on a “hungover “ complexion . “When people party it's not just their body gets hungover,” says Sonya Dakar. “Their skin feels the effects too.” Dakar believes that the same way the body gets dehydrated and overworked by alcohol consumption and late nights so does the skin. But a hard days' night doesn’t have to show up on your face the morning after. She created a customized facial that treats each person’s reaction, be it puffy eyes, dark circles, breakouts, redness or a ruddy complexion.

The Hangover Facial is a deep cleansing, brightening, detoxing and depuffing treatment that works to restore the gorgeous glow you had the night before. Customers will leave the clinic feeling refreshed, revived and radiant.

Sonya Dakar is the creator and founder of the Sonya Dakar Skin Clinic located in Beverly Hills, as well as Sonya Dakar Skin Care products. She has made a name for herself as one of the most renowned problem skincare specialists in the country and works with some of the most famous faces including Gwyneth Paltrow, Fergie and Sophia Vergara.  Click here to request your own appointment.


  • Hydrating and detoxifying cleanse
  • Antioxident Rich Brightening Peel with Phytic Acid
  • Nourishing Mask with Resvertrol and Acai
  • Amber light which restore collagen that may have broken down to abuse
  • A healthy dose of Organic Omega and SPF to restore a yourthful glow

Try these products used in the Hangover Facial